Wall deco for Blik

Written by Heng Swee Lim - August 05 2014


December 25 2015

Agree with above writer. Unlike other major Asian ceitis, our sidewalks & pavements are too narrow to accomodate the increased number of pedestrains and also fail to cater to cyclists. I feel that a dedicated bike lane is not feasible however a widen pavement is enough for a push for cycling to aleviate our transport inefficiences. Civil servants stick to the same formula and will not rob transport operators of their customers. They are the ones who should study how other ceitis instead of coming out with lame excuses. FYI, I cycle to work in about the same time as I take the train.

January 06 2015

Cool stuff with the sheep paratroopers

Shelley Whiting
September 06 2014

I love the drawings of the sheep. Very dreamlike and whimiscal.

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